The humble beginning of Kulcha’d

Our Story

The Beginning

Our chefs are experts at crafting traditional, crispy and delicious kulcha. From Amritsar, India to Australia, let us share a new culture with you.

In March 2019, we made our first journey from Bundaberg to Mohali, India. And while we sampled many delicacies on our trip, we never expected to taste something so good that it would inspire us to bring the flavours back home.
In a small Amritsari restaurant, Zach was given his first taste of traditional kulcha bread. Stuffed with chilli, spices, potato, onion and paneer, it was cooked to crispy perfection in a tandoor oven – it was like nothing he’d ever tasted.

An idea of how to bring a piece of Amritsari culture to Australia blossomed. Several months later, during another trip to India, with his mother, Mandy and her wife, Bec – sitting around tasting kulcha’s, the vision for Kulcha’d was born.


While sitting in a hotel room, the team filled in an application for the Woodford Folk Festival. Their dream was to present the taste of Amritsari street food to the Woodford community.


So the team had to move fast! There was only a few short months until the festival, and there was much work to do!

Chef calvin at work

Calvin travelled to India to learn firsthand from skilled chefs how to make kulcha the traditional way.

The culinary adventure

In September 2019, Zach returned to India. But this time Zach’s brother, Calvin, a chef, joined him on the journey to learn the traditional techniques and recipes to make kulcha.

The brothers were holed away in a unit for weeks, with Calvin practising each recipe over in a hot tandoor oven on their roof – for hours each day.

But all the hours in the heat were worth it for the team. By the time they returned to Australia, Calvin was an expert at cooking Kulcha, and Zach, Mandy and Bec were well underway in the planning and organising of Kulcha’d’s stall at the Woodford Folk Festival.

Taste of a new culture

For more than half a year, we have trialled and perfected our kulcha recipes. And after all the hard work, moments of pure excitement and a little bit of fear, all the fun and learning, we could not wait to serve kulchas to the Woodfordians.

The team embraced the Woodford Folk Festival experience, and Kulcha’d was born. Repeat customers, love letters and rave reviews across the festival kept the team busy for the event.

With the Woodford adventure still fresh in their hearts, the team made their way to Brisbane, to pack down the kitchen. Out of curiosity, they had a look at a commercial space for rent, and within the week had taken a leap of faith, and signed a lease to open Kulcha’d in the West End community.

Just as planning was underway, COVID19 rocked the world, and the Kulcha’d team, always up for a challenge, persevered to bring their dream to reality with a soft launch working within COVID restrictions.

Come find us on Boundary Street, West End, and experience the taste of a new culture today. We are open to serve you coffee, beers and the most fantastic Kulchas!

Our Story

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