Crispy and delicious kulcha from Amritsar, India to Australia.


The beginning

In March 2019, we made our first journey from Bundaberg to Mohali, India. And while we sampled many delicacies on our trip, we never expected to taste something so good that it would inspire us to bring the flavours back home.

In a small Amritsari restaurant, Zach was given his first taste of traditional kulcha bread. Stuffed with chilli, spices, potato, onion and paneer, it was cooked to crispy perfection in a tandoor oven – it was like nothing he’d ever tasted.

An idea of how to bring a piece of Amritsari culture to Australia blossomed. Several months later, during another trip to India, with his mother, Mandy and her wife, Bec – sitting around tasting kulchas, the vision for Kulcha’d was born.